• "These ladies are two peas in a pod; the fact that they can write a book while using poetry is dope in itself.  My two favorite poems are "A  Page from  my Notes" and "Confused"...every poem is relatable. You'll catch yourself snapping your fingers ;like it's open mic night. Heeelllllooooooo."

    - Issa Diamond

  • "Yanique and Simoné have  way of capturing the rawness of love, relationships, and life's experiences into a series of dope poems that are relatable to anyone. The poem "Broken" gives real emotion after battling a breakup. Whereas, in the poem "When I Say I Love You," you witness the inner thoughts and feelings of someone trying to  navigate a young relationship. LoveLoudd is simply a work of art."

    -Dr. Ronald Love Jr. 

  • "LoveLoudd is an example of what happens when two talented minds combine. It's a collection of beautiful poems that display what many think and feel but are too afraid to share. I applaud these authors for their vulnerability, bravery and the way they encourage others to never give up on the type of love that goes beyond their wildest dreams." 

    -Dr. Priscilla Clinton, cohost of "Misdiagnosed" podcast

  • “I love when the hosts start singing out of nowhere, love the intro to all of the segments and the music. Honest real opinions on different topics. I listened to Shawty Swing my Way episode. Started off with really honest girl talk on Threesomes. The hosts have a great vibe, great honesty, and great energy.”

    -Michelle Miller

  • “You two really vibe well together. I love the fade out music used to INTRODUCE each segment. I loved how you separated love languages with your spouse vs your loved ones (ie friends & family).

    I also enjoyed how you plugged in your poem and then explained it and it still goes along the topic.”

    -Edeline Elicin

  • “LoveLoudd takes me back to a time where I used to love fearlessly. Butterflies in the tummy and smiling till my face hurts. I feel like im 16 all over again and I love every second of it”

    - Trisha Robets, CNM

  • There was tons of value coming to LoveLoudd. Initially I was referred to one article, and as I finished I began to look around, and I ended up reading 4 articles. That to say, there is a lot of great and valuable content that anyone can use and benefit from.

    - Dallas Baker Jr.

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