Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Welcome to Truth Carpet!

What is Truth Carpet?

During the month of August 2008, our parents helped us decorate our Suite so that we can be as comfortable as possible as freshmen at CAU. With Yaya's favorite color being pink and Monie's favorite color being green.... you already know our room attracted LOTS of attention. To tie our colors together, we found a pink, green, and orange carpet in which we placed in the middle of our floor. Little did we know, our room would be the hangout spot. This carpet is where we and our girls would link up to have "girl talk". We discussed everything from the dudes on campus, classes, being away from home, sex, money, ... Any and EVERYTHING. There was just one rule - What's said on the Truth Carpet, Stays on The Truth Carpet.

LoveLoudd is pleased to welcome you to our Virtual Truth Carpet. Each month, we will pose a question and you will have an opportunity to share your thoughts, concerns, and reactions. Use this space to embrace your viewpoints and connect with other who may or may not share your experiences.



Would you rather date someone your family loves and friends hate or someone your friends love and family hate?

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