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To Know YOU is to Love YOU

To a young woman trying to heal from a broken heart:

Healing takes time and it’s okay to cry

To a young woman looking for love in all the wrong places:

Stop looking

To a young woman who feels as if she will never find true love:

Fall in love with yourself

Without loving every aspect of yourself, flaws and all, you won’t be able to accept love, even when it’s standing right in front of you. You should try to understand how to focus solely on your destiny and head in that direction. You should be so engrossed in what you love to do that it’s almost impossible to distract you. Join that fitness club you have been wanting to try out. Create your business plan that you never got around to. Revisit a passion of yours that you thought you’d never get back to doing again (i.e. sing, write, dance, act, learn to drive a stick). Your options are endless. What you invest time in to construct a better you is ultimately your decision.

Self-love can play a vital part in your life that may assist in keeping you from looking for love just so you can fill a void. Initially it feels okay, because someone new is now a distraction from the pain you felt from the previous situation or relationship, but you have to give yourself time to heal. Unfortunately, you have to shut all doors leading to your past that are capable of keeping you emotionally unavailable. You have to exude positivity so that positive things come into your path and once you release all negative energy connected to:

Fear of loving again

Fear of being left without clarity

Fear of not knowing who you will ultimately be with

Fear of being treated exactly the way you didn’t appreciate in your past

YOU will be ready to receive love you deserve. If you bring someone new into the picture without allowing yourself time to heal properly, your new picture will remain blurry. Trying to find different ways to move on from past mistakes and pain is understandable, but in the end, know that those pains will always transform into a lesson learned, and over time will become a force to be reckoned with because your confidence will be at an all time high. Everything happens for a reason. People are placed in our lives at specific points in order to teach us life lessons that can transform into an extended hand in positive growth. Allow your tears to water your reality and be a rose growing from concrete. Some people are meant to last for a season and some lessons hurt more than others, but those placed in your life to guide you will always be in your corner.

Once you become in tune with who you are, understanding your worth, and what you truly deserve, someone will come along and give you love that you always imagined. There will be no strings attached or games being played. You will have honesty, communication, loyalty and love. It may seem as if it’s too good to be true, at first, because you consider all those times it didn't work out. Once you realize there’s nothing holding you back from what is only meant for you, there’s nothing or no one that can destroy the undeniable connection you have with one another. You will have someone in your life that is prepared for and will enjoy:

Your random texts

Your outburst of laughter

Your concern

Your dreams and aspirations

Your appetite

Your sad and happy tears

Your friends and family

Your need to travel

Your need for understanding

Your inability to get up with just one alarm


In a world that has so much chaos, who wouldn’t want to look into the eyes of the one they love and feel like everything will be okay? Who doesn’t want to feel a sense of relief when hearing the voice of the one who only wants the best for you? Falling in love is inevitable. To ensure you fall into the arms of the right one, be sure to first fall in love with who you are so you are not afraid to be caught.

With that being said, don’t shame yourself for not having a significant other to spend time with. Spend time with yourself, family, and friends and celebrate those who genuinely love you. Love is a beautiful entity that should be celebrated daily. The love preordained for you will come into your life at the right time. In the meantime, look in the mirror and say:

I am beautiful

I have a lot of love to give

I understand my worth

I will not allow myself to be treated without respect

I am a Queen

I love me for who I am

And the King meant for me will love me for who I am too


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