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It’s been a few months now and you have found yourself going steady with the same one. You’re waking up thinking about him/her. You’re excited to grab your phone to see that sweet little text, gif, or picture he/she sent to you. Between your communication with one another, you find yourself re-reading old text messages and admiring pictures you have stored in your phone of you two together. Every conversation you have with coworkers and friends, somehow or another, ends up being about him/her. You’re canceling plans and hanging up quicker with your friends because s/he is occupying all of your time now.

That’s obviously bae! Right? I mean, it feels like it. He/she is always on your mind. You’ve found yourself doing things for him/her that you have never done for anyone else (lending money, helping him/her study for exams, traveling, cooking, etc.). You’re not dating anyone else and he/she isn’t either. (Now you’re thinking, “He/she better not be.”) I mean, he/she can’t be because he/she is always with you except when you two are at work. DAMN! Now you’re thinking of a bunch of things you never wanted to cross your mind. You’re doing everything you told your friends you would never do if you were not in a committed relationship. So what kind of ‘relationship’ are you in? It feels like you two are together, right? But when the two of you ‘talk’ and you ask him/her, “what are we doing”, it’s explained to you that he/she is just chillin’ right now and is not looking for anything serious. Wait! Pause! Chillin’? What the hell were ya’ll doing these past few months? You felt like you were his/her girl/boyfriend and now you know that he/she is not even interested in ‘being serious with you. Now what do you do? You have invested time, money, emotions, and perhaps your heart into something that is not going anywhere. For what?

Let’s think...

If you were told to perform a task outside of your job title, would you do it knowing there was no chance of you being promoted or reaping benefits of what you’ve done? Did you answer saying No? Exactly! Stop working outside of your (job) TITLE. You deserve so much more!

Are having titles wrong? What are your thoughts? Here is a short video for you to enjoy.


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