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Have You Ever Been in Love?

Have you ever felt yourself falling with the fear of not being able to catch yourself? Have you ever been afraid to hit the ground because you know you’ll be wounded in the end and the only way your scars could heal is if you allow yourself to fall again? Yet each time you fall, the same fear arises hoping that in the end, you'll finally be caught? Love can make you feel like that.

To open your heart makes you vulnerable, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable leaves room to get hurt; however, you can't allow the fear of getting hurt hold you back. Being in love can be the most amazing feeling in the world that takes a crush to an extreme and simply having that person on your mind brightens your day and has you glowing inside and out. Being in love can sometimes be hard to put into words but at the end of the day, it just feels right. Your heart and mind are aligned with the same intentions ... hopes of being happy and always having that special someone in your corner.

There is also a thin line of fear that lies within happiness and pain when trying to understand if who you are falling in love with or have fallen in love with is meant to be forever. Do you just enjoy the ride with hopes of it never coming to an abrupt stop? There are only so many times you will allow yourself to be vulnerable without eventually locking up your feelings and throwing away the key with an underlying hope that maybe... JUST MAYBE one day the right person will come along with the key which is the perfect fit to your heart. Deep down you know you don't have fear of falling in love, but you have a fear of falling in love with the wrong person.


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