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2Good 2Be True!

You’ve been in a monogamous relationship for several months. Because of your new love, you are glowing! You wonder if things between you two will remain steady because feelings and emotions have been weighing heavy. It’s been a minute since you felt this... special. Could this be too good to be true?

Throughout your courtship, he’s taken you on dates back to back, introduced you to his friends and family, and you two have plenty QT whether you’re physically together or you are texting, talking, and video chatting. Things between you two feel Ah-Maze-Zing! Any time you need him, your man is there. He makes you feel special and perhaps like a queen. He checks on you often, always wants to spend time together, and includes you in future plans.

Time speeds by and now, there have been ups and downs in your relationship. Bae suddenly moving to another state to chase his dreams is a huge pitfall, yet you want what’s best for him. When your love notifies you that he will be relocating, your instinct is to let go but he places a bug in your ear leading you to believe that your relationship will be just fine. He reassures you as he states that you will see him often; you two will take turns visiting one another monthly. The icing on the cake is when your man says,

“I love you baby”

At this point, you feel that you love him too. Besides, you trust him. So the two of you plan bae-cations and you catch yourself doing things with this one that you have never done with anyone else. This one just feels… great! After thinking it over for a few seconds, you decide to stick it out and begin acting out those plans you two have made. Flights are booked and vacation days have been approved.


Months pass, more time is invested in your relationship, and love appears to be growing fonder. Bae has kept his promise, which leaves you feeling very special and appreciated. I mean, he’s driving up and down the coast to see you <3 To add, one beautiful evening, when you two are alone and nothing but silence and city lights surround you, your oh so handsome boyfriend looks over at you and cracks his lips to ask…

“What would you say if I pulled out a ring right now?”

Although your gut’s response is, “WOAH BUDDY! This is a bit too soon,” being wanted by someone who states he loves and appreciates you is very flattering. Besides, it feels … right.

Time floats on and bae is beginning to flip his script. He is suddenly ignoring some calls and failing to reply to text messages. You two used to video chat for hours and for no reason at all but now, he’s too busy to engage in conversation for long. His sweet nothings are rapidly diminishing. Arguments between you two are unexplainable and beyond petty. For whatever reason, your man does not want to talk about what is upsetting him and is blaming everything on you. This is all random and very left field yet you ignore your gut reaction:

“Leave his crazy ass alone girl! You were doing so well without him!”

Memories of how things started off and intentions of what you envision for you two play over and over like a BluRay movie. You are attempting to refrain from getting into an argument because you want to be supportive in understanding that bae is busy traveling, tired, and trying to boost his career. The last thing you want to be is the reason for his anxiety. Your boyfriend is no longer making time for you and it is quite frank that he does not care to. You have been trying to practice patience and wait for the call he has promised but minutes turn to hours and hours are now days. You’re questioning if he really loves you as he claims. You catch yourself setting a timeline for this so-called talk you two were supposed to have but all-in-all, you’re getting mad because he is just doing him. Weeks have finally turned into a month and what you once felt for him is fading away. At this point, there is no reason for you to stay in this relationship. All you want are answers, right?

Despite him telling you, at the start of your relationship, he doesn’t have any social media accounts, yet again, you search anyway, but none exist. In your stomach, you have a hunch because who in this day and age doesn’t use social media? Am I doing something wrong? Is he cheating on me? All you want are answers and he is not giving you any.

“We will talk. I’m busy…”

Answering your hunch, you visit every social media account that you have and search your man by name... fail, email address... fail, and phone number... another freaking FAIL! Seems like he was not lying about...WAIT… “Search his best friend’s page girl,” your inner self exclaims. You may as well give it a try; you need answers. After a bit of lurking high and low, you find his homie’s page. Your right thumb scrolls and your eyes pace through his photos. You see pictures of your man but he isn’t tagged. Guess he doesn’t have a page. You continue your search but nothing supportive of your concern appears to exist. As soon as impatience attempts to creep in, you find your oh so handsome boyfriend standing amongst his friends, who you’ve met, and family members. He’s wearing a white tux and a crooked smile. Tagged to this photograph is his homie, brothers, and his wife. WTF!!!

*Clicks on Wife’s name and views her profile*

-married to [your man’s name goes here]

He had you blocked all along, which explains why you could never find him. Fury invades your veins as it is now evident that not only were you his girlfriend, bae, or his, all along, was his mistress too. Pictures, posts, everything blinds your eyes. Everything that you hoped not to see… everything that explains his lies. Now what do you do?

Thanks for reading :)

Best Thing I Never Had


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