LoveLoudd LLC  aims to create experiences through poetry, blogs, and visual arts for women and men to connect with. We are dedicated to sharing our thoughts, concerns, and experiences with others who may have or are currently enduring the same. Our purpose is to connect with others in an effort to normalize love, joy, and pain. LoveLoudd is dedicated to providing a space of comfort for you.


This East and West Coast Duo met back in 2008 during Clark Atlanta University’s freshmen orientation. We were the last two standing during an ice breaker...We cliqued instantly. As soon as we found out that we both were hoping to live in CAU’s Suites, we darted there that next morning, signed up to be roommates and had been throughout our entire matriculation.

As roommates in college, we used to share our poems with one another. This was one of our many ways to bond. After graduating, our love for poetry and our ability to write in sync, inspired us to share our gift with others. Perhaps other people may have experienced what we have and can relate.

The rest is Our-Story!


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